About Asphalt New York


Growing up in Staten Island, NY as a child and teen we were all used to being called the forgotten borough.
Manhattan Queen Brooklyn and the Bronx were all connected with easy access to local subway and busses.
Staten Island was not as fortunate. 
Just hearing the sounds of having to take a ferry or bus anywhere speaks for itself.
For that reason commuting and getting around the city was always challenging.
As children I always had a love affair with sneakers and street wear however Staten Island never had many options.
With the exception of a few national chains at the mall there weren't many options in the area to find limited kicks.
The forgotten borough also didn't have many entertainment options so growing up my friends and I would hit the streets for pick up Basketball games, Football, Baseball, Handball and any other sport we could play on dry ASPHALT.
We would always reminisce of the fun times and how great is would be if any of us would  be able to bring some hype or excitement to the fashion industry that so desperately needed it.
After graduating college I started working In the retail industry to learn the ins and out of the business and get the necessary experience needed to achieve my dream.
In 2015 my brother in Law and I decided it was the time for us to finally bring Staten Island what they had been missing for so many years, a legitimate sneaker boutique that local islanders would enjoy minus the commute.
Using my childhood experiences as a sports fanatic we created Asphalt as a tribute to our after school activities with the hopes of providing future generations with opportunity us as children never had.



585 B Veterans RD W
Staten Island
NY 10309